My Cartoon has 6 languages and is like a 2 sided board game with 4 dots on one side and 3 dots on the other with a whole in the middle . To play or watch you will only be able to speak one of the following six languages.
#1 Language is “Thank You” and only has one word. “Thank You”
#2 Language is “Confusion” you may watch and be completly silent if you choose this languge.
#3 Language is “Male Cannibal” My favorite and I say why here.
#4 Language is “Female Vegan” They are very sweet, kind, and can have babies. I do not qualify.
#5 Language is Male Vegan. They complain a lot and are very annoying.
#6 language is “Female Cannibal” I do not qualify to be a female cannabil that can have babies.