Let’s Breathe together with the beat. Let’s BeatBox dance instead of neurolinguistificating the neurolinguistica of the neurolinguistication.
But always do as you please so you will be YOU.

In my cartoon of grandiosity, One of the reasons I am so happy is because I dance my way out of the trance of neurolinguistafication a lot.
But you don’t have to be happy if you do not want to be happy. Because It is your art to freely make a choice of neurolinguistication or BeatBox dancing.
Apparently I dance every Tuesday night at American Junkie junk food resturant and bar in San Diego Downtown.
Every Tuesday night at 11:00 PM I usually get on the narrow cat walk stage becasue this really lights the place up like a gogo dancer would. BeatBox dance to hip hop and rap played by an awesome DJ untill 1:30am. And If I have have the energy the next day, Wednesday, I might show up in Ocean Beach at the drum circle or at Winston’s for a Free Reggae band in Ocean Beach, San Diego.
Or you may call The Sandra Taylor agency in Beverly Hills if you desire to have me dance at your private party. They will handle all the details.