You need nothing from me and my giant ego.

This is one more warning as you leave the simple land of gratitude.

My ego will probably insult the #EgoOfCivilization and YOU if you click deeper. I told you on the first page THANK YOU and you need nothing from me but here you are clicking deeper into my perfect art, my ego, my perfect imperfection and GIANT ego trip. Why not just get out of here and go back to PURE bliss of GRATITUDE. WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM me, my perfect art and perfectly flawed ego?

Back to Thank You.

Deeper into my illusions of grandiosity. My art. My Cartoon. Click here if you dare.
Find out why I dont’t wash my beautiful Mercedes RV.
Find out WHY I DO EAT MEAT NOW. Click here.
Click here to find out WHY I make as many babies as CosmicMommie gives me permission to make all over this overpoplulated planet.
Find out why I like the way Bill Gates and Craig Newmark think.

Find out where I go to TO DANCE .

But I do not think you really NEED to know all of this friviolus information.
You are perfect Now. But Curiosity will kill the ego of civilization and all the egos including MY GIANT EGO.
Open Pandora’s Box if it please you.
All of your free choices in your life equal YOUR PERFECT ART.

Find out where WE DANCE HERE.