Thankfully so I can say “Maybe I am a vegan that is disgusted with the vegan CULTure and all of the other divisional CULTures bullying people’s minds in a typical civilized way. You SHOULD BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I am rebellious

So far none of you have been able to wear it like I did or do. Thankfully so I can act out here.

I will not claim to be a vegan until a vegan from the vegan CULTures can wear the magical spell the way it SHOULD be worn. This is my perfect blah blah art. You have your perfect art. Now go away and don’t even try to bother me. It will not work and WILL BACKFIRE ON YOUR WHOLE CULTure of neurolinguistics . ENJOY.

I am rebellious.

You are all talking in your sleep and I have been listening and forsaken thankfully so.

Only #MommieDearest aka #CosmicMommie knows when the big change is coming. I work for #CosmicMommie thankfully so. And I am on vacation until she calls for special art for THE CAUSE.

Yes. I get death threats from vegans and non vegans. That is normal for this type of cartoon character gig. It’s just a gig.

Relax, I am already dead. But I like to hang out on Periscope LIVE VIDEO CHAT. CLICK HERE. BUT I WILL PROBABLY BLOCK YOU AND THE GIRLS KNOW WHY or you will block me and THE GIRLS KNOW WHY.

Thank You all beings forevermore.

If you really want to play #PandorasCircle it is right here inside my box

(619) 800-4589 Bob