I eat meat in protest to all the CULTures of civilization and its cruel confusing languages.
I eat meat in protest because NOT ONE VEGAN of the Vegan CULTure has been able to wear the “Please Remind Me To Breathe” magical spell any way near like I did in my CARTOON OF GRANDIOSITY.

The normal vegan males treat me as a joke and they normally cast word curses at my Cartoon character. Civilization is a joke. WE are not a joke. WE are #AllTheEyesBetweenTheStars and WE are not just a civilization.
Civilization is just a language in the head with many confusing sub languages and dialects that do not agree on meaning. Earth’s civilized language is seperate from the universal being of ONE language.

WE ARE ONE. WE talk with our eyes and energy.
Civilization does not take the #PleaseRemindMeToBreathe magical spell seriously.

The Vegan CULTure treates my art, my ego, my neurolinguistification as a joke.
They treat me like a joke.
The joke is civilization, not you or me.
This is my wierd normal reaction to civilization.
A cartoon of GRANDIOSITY. An ego trip. Lots of blah blah blah and THANK YOU ALL BEINGS FOREVERMORE.
My ego, my cartoon of GRANDIOSITY believes in the magical spell’s power seriously. “Please Remind Me to Breathe” printed on a shirt in big letters or written with long lasting temporary henna dye on the forehead, or printed on a hat.

This simple magical spell tricks the tricky civilization into using it’s bully Emotional word language energy to remind me or you to breathe. It is common for the males to say Breathe Bitch. When I inhale this civil BULLY energy and then breathe out LOVE LIGHT ENERGY OF PURE GRATITUDE into the eys of the person who reminded me to breathe it deletes the ego of civilization and replaces it with THANK YOU love and I move on to next experience quickly before they can act creepy with me. Yeah but, almost everyone, including my 90 year old mother believes I am crazy.
From my experience I believe I must finish this cartoon of grandiosity because I am the only one so far. In my cartoon of GRANDIOSITY this magical spell will slowly delete the ego of civilization in the minds and brains of all humans. But WE will not burn the libraries, we will protect them.
I believe it is a very powerfull magical spell and almost no one believes me. Not even one vegan. Vegans profess to be very kind, caring, compassionate beings. I like that, but they prefer to say “Yeah but” and do not EVEN TRY to participate in my Blah blah blah ego trip so I trun it into this cartoon of grandiosity. I believe this magical spell could lead us to all act like peacful kind non pushy mind bullying vegetarian type beings. But not even ONE CULTural vagan so far can EVEN TRY wear that magical shirt in the magical way that I have been experiencing.

Relax this is just a cartoon.